Cardiovascular Disease in Norway 1994-2014

The Cardiovascular Disease in Norway – CVDNOR – project is a collaborative project between the University of Bergen and the Norwegian Institute of Public Health.

During the last decades, cardiovascular mortality has decreased substantially in Norway as in other Scandinavian and western European countries. Nevertheless, cardiovascular diseases (CVD) are the main causes of death and a major contributor to chronic disease in Norway. Costs to society including medications, revascularization and disability pensions remain high.

To what extent the decline in mortality is caused by a declining number of new cases, or is due to improved survival, is not known. Norway has, until 2012, been the only Nordic country without a national CVD register. This has hampered studies of incidence and survival as well as aetiologic research nationwide.

The two overall objectives of the CVDNOR project are:

  1. to study trends in CVD occurrence (incident and recurrent events), short and long term prognosis (survival) and associated factors in the total Norwegian population,
  1. to provide endpoints for national and regional health surveys and clinical studies.